Pauline and Sharon'sIt’s tuff being this f’n sweet!!! So sweet we put the fructose in high.

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At Pauline & Sharon's our goal is to provide healthy, honest and delicious food for the neighborhood at affordable prices. We proudly make all the dough, sauces, sausage, and salad dressings in house.... We pull our own fresh mozzarella and we use unbleached, unbromated flour. Established in 2010, Pauline & Sharon's is owned and operated by TJ O'Connor, a professional chef and pizzaiolo for 12 years in New York City and South Carolina. Very small restaurant ran by the owner and a delivery guy. We make as much as we can in house. Pauline and Sharon are my grandmothers. Pauline is dead, but Sharon is still kickin. Our warm and friendly staff welcome your next dine-in visit or delivery order!
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13 reviews | 156 orders

I read a bunch of reviews about the service and was expecting some angry swearing dude to deliver my pizza, but instead I just got this really delicious pizza. Today, I feel like a true winner in life. Nothing can stand in my way. My pizza quest has succeeded, and for that I am a better man. The world is full of wonders, and I have witnessed one on this day, when I opened the medium-sized cardboard box containing this miraculous prize, and commenced my supper. Thank you. I love pizza.


9 reviews | 1744 orders

Amazing service! Such a good guy.


4 reviews | 185 orders

When they are open, they are a great option for south slope pizza. The Brie and onion is amazing!! Would have been 5 stars if they were open 1-for lunch or 2- reliable days.

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597-A 4th Ave
Brooklyn NY, 11215
(718) 788-7333